Venture Capital Funding

We have extensively worked with great entrepreneurs and assisted them through the process of nurturing and growing their ideas from incubation stage to exit. We have played a pivotal role in helping such entrepreneurs access the right capital from angel investors and venture capital funds who believe in their growth story.

Our focus continues to help start-ups and early-stage high growth companies through the following stages in which we work closely with the client's team in consummating the transaction.

Business Case Preparation

We engage with clients and help them in identifying business issues and growth drivers, evaluating requirement of seed and growth capital, validating business model, commercializing busines idea, studying the markets and early growth challenges, assessing pricing power and the team-size proposed to create strong competitive advantage. We carry out detailed financial projections, and showcase a compelling investment opportunity in the business plan that enables the transaction to be presented before potential investors in a structured way.

Investor Presentation

We help entrepreneurs and founders in articulating their ideas, business models to prospective investors. We use our network of relationships with angel investors and global venture capital funds extensively in this phase to identify the right investors based on investors' priorities and preferences.

Commercial Term Sheet

We help the client analyze various offers from potential investors. We also drive term sheet negotiations with angels and venture investors and assist in formation of a structure, which ensures that client's rights and values are not diluted while also addressing the risk concerns of investors.

Due Diligence and Closure

We assist the client in coordinating the overall due diligence process and negotiating the final definitive agreements with the potential investor. We drive the process of closing the transaction and drafting the press release towards the venture capital funding process.

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