Private Equity Funding

We have long-standing relationships with Private Equity investors in India and our domain expertise enables us to execute the most optimal capital raising solution for our clients.

Private Equity Syndication is long drawn out, complex, and involves various phases of deal management such as brainstorming with the client about the most appropriate positioning, managing multiple investors with varied offers, effectively coordinating with service providers for the due diligence process and advising stakeholders on the negotiations.

Typical Private Equity Syndication involves the following stages in which we work closely with the client's team in consummating the transaction.

Collateral Preparation

We engage with clients to build detailed business and financial models, create a compelling story, decide on the most effective capitalization strategy and prepare a detailed Information Memorandum that enables the transaction to be presented before potential investors in a structured way.

Investor Shortlisting

We help our clients decide the right type of Private Equity funds that could be appropriate investors for their business. We hold initial discussions with the investors, help the client have road-shows by meeting various potential investors and advise the client on prioritizing investors.

Commercial Term Sheet

We help the client analyze various offers from potential investors, drive term sheet negotiations with investors and ensure that the client enters into a term sheet with the investor that meets their strategic objectives.

Due diligence and closure

We assist the client in coordinating with various service providers for the due diligence (business, financial and legal) process, and negotiate the final definitive agreements with the potential investor. We drive the process of closing the transaction and drafting the press release towards the private equity syndication process.

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