Medical Equipments planning & Procurement

The health care industry is experiencing a new era in cost containment. In the past, little attention was given to the financial impact of medical equipment related decisions. In this new health care environment, "state-of-the-art" is no longer sufficient as planning criteria for selecting new technology. For a technology to be appropriate, it must address the needs for efficiency, cost-effectiveness and productivity thus enhancing the quality of patient care.

Today hospitals are in an extremely competitive arena, putting additional emphasis on a technology's marketability. Medical devices can easily account from 30% to 50% of the overall project cost. Moreover, this asset component continues to change and evolve at an unprecedented pace. As a result, it's planning and management has become a significant challenge. It is critical to implement a formal, objective and comprehensive process to manage and control the equipment planning process.

Our technology planning and procurement services encompass the assessment, planning, procurement assistance, and management guidelines for a healthcare organization's medical technology requirements.

Hosconnn's planning resources and database comprise an extensive equipment library system with standards, technical specifications, utility requirements and market prices. From a management standpoint, our systematic efforts provide for standardization, accountability and the common integration of data through a central point, permitting us to address the complexities of a given project in a timely manner.

  •   Assessment of Appropriate Medical Technology
  •   Planning and Budgeting of Medical Equipment, Medical Gas Pipeline Systems (MGPS), Pneumatic Tube Systems (PTS), Nurse Call Systems and Patient Related Furniture
  •   Procurement Assistance
  •   Installation Management
  •   Device Operational Management Training Assistance

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