Hospital Information System Consultancy

Information Technology plays a very crucial role in the healthcare sector today. Patient data management through the Admission / Discharge / Transfer process is very essential. The management of all clinical and non-clinical data of each patient is important. Equally necessary is the financial data management with regards to patient charges and billing.

Finally, the Management needs to track the performance of the hospital with the help of tools such as the Management Information System (MIS). This enables it to keep track of the hospital's functioning by analysis of its financial indicators and thereby ensure optimum performance. The variety and complexities of Hospital Information Management System (HIMS) systems are many. It is essential not only to select the appropriate application but also to decide on the applicable modules. These vary with the size and type of a hospital and can be procured in a phased manner.

Hosconnn offers it's expertise in:

  •   Recommendation of Appropriate Application Modules
  •   Review of Various Available Applications
  •   Hospital Information Management System (HIMS) Selection Assistance
  •   Overseeing Commissioning

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