Advisory Services

Our strategic consulting assignments involves business and financial issues critical to the long-term competitiveness of the clients. Our unique solutions and problem-solving perspective enable us to evaluate competitive positioning, identify synergies, uncover opportunities and challenges, and help our clients to understand, prioritize, and act on business, strategic and financial issues most crucial for their long-term success.

We provide our emerging and transitioning clients with the resources and experience to address unique challenges of business planning and raising capital including advice on capital structure.

We perform business and project valuation and provide opinion on the fairness of a particular transaction for both public and private companies. We analyze several valuation techniques to build a possible range of valuations and explain the potential impact of alternative valuation methodologies and structures on the transaction.

We offer a range of specialist advisory services as mentioned below

  •   Project Evaluation and Feasibility Studies
  •   Assessing Reasonableness in Cost and Revenues Projections
  •   Financial Modelling with Scenario Analysis
  •   Valuation Modelling
  •   Counterparty Profiling
  •   Pre-Investment Review
  •   Advice on Financing Options, Sources, Cost and Risk
  •   Negotiations Support on Deal Terms
  •   Due Diligence Support
  •   Agreements and Document Review

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